We crowdfunded £18,500 in May 2019 to #growoldtree as a social enterprise, to support our earth and communities. Huge thanks to all of our 172 supporters – we will have all the rewards sent or arranged in the coming months.


We are a social enterprise aiming to be the world’s first closed-loop botanical brewery.

Established to fund community land regeneration – our main drink is the most delicious low alcohol Kombucha.

We also produce small-batch artisan soft drinks from seasonal botanicals, for local supply and throw legendary parties around the theme of harvest celebration.

100% of the organic leftover material that we process in our brewery, from spent tea to fruit pulp and herbs – is composted to feed local community gardens and food growing projects.

Our brews, made with live cultures and natural fermentation, offer more delicious and locally-made alternatives to mass-produced drinks.

Botanical drinks from edible landscapes & living drinks for living soil!

Old Tree Drinks

Ordering online and collecting from our central Brighton Fermentation Station is the best way to buy your bottled Old Tree drinks.

Alternatively, you can use our refill stations at our Fermentation Station, Hisbe, or Harriet’s of Hove and also enjoy our kombucha at any of the fantastic local outlets we wholesale to.

We are right by St. Peters Church, between there and the shop Easy Hours, left of the Richmond Pub - in the basement of the Yachtwerks building. We are Open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5:30pm. Give us a call to arrange a collection outside of these times, and you can always make an order HERE. Thank you!